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How to style an event in Lagos, Nigeria

How to style an event in Lagos, Nigeria

How to style an event in Lagos, Nigeria? Event planning is the big umbrella that encompasses everything that’s got to do with the organization of special occasions; event styling is just one of the many aspects of it.

How do you style an event in Lagos, Nigeria?

Attaching Client Vision To The Event Design

After scoring a client for an event they want to be designed, How to style an event in Lagos, Nigeria? your first step is to set up a client consultation. This meeting will be between you and the client. This is the prime time to capturer the client’s vision and expectations for the event design. Once this is captured and understood by the event stylist, it is now time to start acquiring all the materials from your inventory needed to create the client’s ceremony space.

Styling an event that appeals to the clients

After the client’s vision is captured, it is the event stylist’s job to create the space. This may take a couple of months of preparation depending on the size of the event. While you are working tirelessly to organize everything needed for the event space, you must keep in contact with your client.

Call them occasionally to update them on your progress of the event design, assure them that everything is organized and ready for the day of the event. Understand that your client is most likely stressing over other aspects of their day. Calling them periodically provides them with ease of mind.

It is crucial to building exceptional relationships with your clients. Building trusting relationships leads to successful event design spaces that advance you to pulling in new clients.

What Your Event Design Space Does for Your Business

Now that the event design planning is finished, and you know that your vision and your client’s vision are aligned, the exciting part comes! It’s time to set up the event!

You can now take all of your event styling talents and show them off. Make sure you have allotted enough time with the venue to set the space up. Once your space is set up and you feel confident, it’s time to bring in the clients before the event starts.

This is a time for the clients to see the event space before the actual event starts. This gives you a buffer of time to work with the client to change any little details to the event space.

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