While we hope you don’t have any emergencies on your day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry so we suggest having those just-in-case items on hand to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Our advice? The wedding coordinator or maid of honor should pack them in a makeup or tote bag and stash it in a safe but easy-to-access place during the wedding reception.
We’ve listed the essentials below, and feel free to add optional non-beauty items like aspirin, Band-Aids, a granola bar, and Glue (for heel and jewelry fixes) too, just in case.

During wedding planning, you are doing everything you can to ensure that things are planned within an inch of their life. That’s why wedding planning is so hard. However, even if you are an expert wedding planner, something won’t go perfectly. That’s why a survival kit is helpful.
Do you need everything on this list? No, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s considered insurance for your wedding day. Below is a listing of all the items that I have seen brides need or use on a wedding day over my years of planning and managing weddings.
Also, these survival kits are great to put into your car after the wedding. I literally still have mine!
Public Service Announcement (PSA): This is the day you are marrying your best friend! So, if something small does come up, don’t worry about it at all!

BONUS TIP: Send this blog post to your maid-of-honor and have her either gather these items for you or split the list with your bridesmaids so everyone gets a few items. https://indigocrystal.com.ng/blog/

What is a Wedding SURVIVAL Kit?

Maybe you haven’t heard of wedding day survival kits, let alone know why you should have one.

 A wedding survival kit is a resource that includes supplies you may need on your wedding day. Oftentimes, these products are ones that you completely forget or don’t even know you’ll need. Toiletries, medicine, and beauty supplies typically make up much of the kits!

So, why do you need a wedding survival kit? To put it simply, it’s likely that a few problems may arise throughout your wedding day. 

Perhaps a bridesmaid’s strapless dress keeps slipping; that can be fixed with boob glue! Maybe you need a quick snack before walking down the aisle; simply grab a granola bar from the bridal emergency kit. If the groom forgot his shaving kit; there’ll be a razor to rescue him! 

There are many potential small hiccups that seem impossible to prepare for. Having a wedding survival kit lessens that stress.

1. WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY KIThttps://indigocrystal.com.ng/blog/

This quirky ‘Oh Sh*t Kit’ is the perfect size for on-the-go brides. With everything from Tylenol to tampons, you and your girls will be ready to tackle whatever the day brings. 

It also doubles as a great bachelorette party survival kit, too!

2. CUSTOM BRIDAL SURVIVAL KIT https://indigocrystal.com.ng/blog/

Made specifically with the bride in mind, this custom bridal survival kit will keep you stress-free! 

No need to worry about a spill on your dress or a blister from your (gorgeous) heels. This bridal emergency kit will keep you prepared for anything!


If you and your girls are all getting ready together, this bridesmaid survival kit will be perfect to have on your list. Everything you could possibly need is in this box – you won’t have to worry about anything. 

Items, including a sewing kit and blotting sheets, will be at your disposal!


Looking for a more portable bridesmaid and bridal emergency kit? This bridesmaid survival kit focuses on the basics while coming in the cutest pouch to carry around! You’ll still get all the necessities – like band-aids and bobby pins – just in a smaller package.


This groom’s emergency kit is a cute way to make sure your future hubby is prepared for the wedding! 

With adorable packaging to remind him of your love, he also gets the supplies he may have forgotten. Plus, it makes for a fun presentation on the morning of your big day.


Like the bridesmaid survival kit, this groomsmen emergency kit includes everything the guys may need. 

With 42 name-brand products, they’ll have everything they need right in their room! Supplies include shaving cream, deodorant, & more.

DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit:

Maybe you didn’t find exactly what you were hoping for in the above wedding survival kits. Or, perhaps you love to DIY! Either way, we want to let you know what goes into a wedding emergency kit. Here’s a list of 12 essentials you shouldn’t be caught without on the big day.


When you’re getting ready with your bridesmaids, several dress-related issues are likely to occur. 

Boob Glue helps immensely! It can help keep your cleavage in place, keep strapless bras from slipping, and more. Boob Glue is the key to keeping dress problems at bay, so add it to your wedding day kit.


A sewing kit could turn out to be your strongest ally in the fight against wedding day elements. Make sure it includes sewing needles, safety pins, scissors, hem tape, and thread. (Tip: bring thread that matches your wedding colors!) The kit will come in handy if you come across snags and tear, or find any loose threads. Meanwhile, safety pins come in handy for keeping everything in place.


With all the wedding day excitement and jitters, brides sometimes skimp on meals. Although you likely won’t want to fill up on food before your ceremony, it’s a good idea to have a snack ready. After all, you don’t want to worry about fainting or feeling sick during the ceremony. Having a granola bar on hand will make for the perfect light snack.


Your wedding survival kit isn’t complete without emergency makeup! Think lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. All of these have the ability to smudge or run, and you’ll want to be photo-ready at all times. It’s also not a bad idea to drink out of a straw to avoid wearing off lipstick while trying to hydrate.


An old trick for stopping runs in nylons and tights is to apply clear nail polish. Paint a quick coat on immediately after you find the tear. (This will prevent the tights from running further.) Super glue comes in handy for fixing broken shoes, jewelry, or other defective accessories. Both are necessary additions to your wedding emergency kit.


Whether you’re getting your hair professionally done, or doing it yourself, you’ll need some hair supplies. Touchups are inevitable. If it’s windy, humid, or you accidentally get your hair caught on your ring – you’ll be glad to have some bobby pins to fix it.


Throughout the day, you’ll be eating, drinking, and running around in your dress. At some point, it’s likely to fall victim to a spill. 

Be prepared by having a quick and easy way to make it less noticeable. Tide-To-Go or SHOUT Wipe & Go are some great options to add to your wedding day emergency kit.


Headaches and other body pains strike when you least expect it. Unfortunately, they won’t hold off just because it’s your wedding day. It’s a good idea to have pain relievers on hand in case someone feels under the weather. Band-Aids are good to have, too, in case of blisters or a small scrape. Head to a local retailer and buy some travel-size products!


In our everyday lives, we all know how helpful a travel pack of tissues can be. Make sure you stock up on your supply so it can be at your immediate disposal. You’ll probably be crying lots of happy tears!


Assuming you want to smell as great as you look, add some deodorant and perfume to your wedding day kit. You’ll be running around all day, so reapplication will be needed. Plus, it’s likely that a bridesmaid or two will forget to pack their own.


Keep your pearly whites fresh with floss, and the rest of your mouth clean with an on-the-go toothbrush. These items will keep you picture-perfect and kissable throughout the night.


Because you’re a woman—and because you just never know—having sanitary supplies can mean life or death. (OK, maybe that’s extreme, but you get it!) Even if you don’t need them, it’s likely that one of your girls will.

Get your Wedding Survival Kit Ready!

The months of planning your wedding can be stressful enough without having to worry about the things that could go wrong. That’s why wedding day emergency kits are such a good idea! If something small does come up on your big day, don’t sweat it. https://indigocrystal.com.ng/blog/

Your wedding day is too special to worry about things that are beyond your control. But, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared! https://indigocrystal.com.ng/blog/

Thank you for taking the time to read through we hope you find it helpful. Drop your view/questions on and on the comment section you can contact via any of our contacts for more guide about your big day


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