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DO I REALLY NEED A WEDDING COORDINATOR (A dilemma faced by many brides)

C O O R D I N A T O R: a person whose job is to organize events/activities (in this case weddings) and negotiate with others to ensure they work together effectively. 

A dilemma faced by many brides is ‘Do I need a wedding coordinator?’ Is that extra expenditure a necessity after all/most planning is complete?

The answer to that question is always YES!!!!! You’ve worked hard to plan your wedding and you deserve to enjoy the day you’ve planned without having to worry when food will be served or a vendor’s lateness/no show.

With services ranging from creating a comprehensive wedding day timeline to hand stitching the bridesmaid’s dress that snapped just before the ceremony to discreetly handling unexpected eventualities that may arise, a wedding coordinator is that one glue that brings everything together. .Contact us today to know how we can make your special day a hitch-free one.

Your wedding day is one of the days where your families/friends gather around you to shower you with lots of love. You should be available to enjoy the moments rather than worrying about logistics and details. 

Handling over the responsibility to a family member or friend works too but remember they only get to experience your wedding day once too.

Hiring a wedding day coordinator will allow you and all of your loved ones to enjoy your special day.

A wedding coordinator assists wedding couples in so many ways on the actual day of their wedding, hiring a wedding coordinator will help to alleviate a lot of stress associated with the final days of planning as well as reduce the pressure often associated with the logistics.

Outside the industry many people do not understand the difference between an event planner and event coordinator, often time’s people confuse wedding planners with wedding coordinators duties,

 in this post, we will be discussing the Roles of a coordinator.


The planner makes critical decisions regarding what, when, who, and how.

An event coordinator on the other hand is responsible for making sure all the details are executed and that each vendor shows up on time and performs appropriately.

 A full-service wedding planner handles everything for the couple from start to finish but a coordinator will jump into the process a few weeks to the big day usually to help those couples who are planning the wedding themselves.

 A wedding coordinator will be available to get everything organized as you lead up to the wedding day, they take over on the day of the wedding to ensure that all details that are planned are being executed.

A wedding coordinator understands the fact that it’s a couple of first time process so they tend to fly blind through the planning, with this in mind the coordinator organizes and pay attention to detail to avoid flops on the wedding day. As the wedding day approaches the coordinator constructs, confirm and manage all vendors, monitor and set up the wedding details, do damage control for anything that might come up on the wedding day. a coordinator makes the wedding you have planned come to life without a hitch.

Most times a coordinator is being hired by couples who want to do most of the planning themselves because when their wedding day arrives they need a professional to execute all of 

Their hard work and planning, and often a coordinator assist the planner on the D-Day to help to make the event a reality.

Professional event coordinators thrive in the stressful storm of event details and logistics they can also be referred to as masters of the venue management.

Thank you for taking the time to read through we hope you find it helpful. Drop your view/questions on and on the comment section you can contact via any of our contacts for more guide about your big day


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