Questions to ask a Planner

Questions to ask a Planner

Hello, beautiful people! Few questions to as a Planner.
Let’s talk about weddings before we retire for the day. So you’re hoping to a hire a wedding planner because you want a stress free wedding. You’ve made a couple of calls and you have a few options to choose from. There are  number of questions to ask a Planner in order to ensure a particular planner will be a right fit for you. I have outlined 2 of those below; make sure they are answered to your satisfaction before you finally decide to hire any one

1. What are the wedding planning roles the planner will be assuming. There are several roles in planning a wedding and you need to be sure which of these your planner will assume if you hire them in order to ensure they are the right fit for you

2. How many meetings or sessions are you entitled to should you hire them. You need to be sure how often you will be meeting or communicating with your planner during the entire planning process and assess if their availability meets your need as a bride-to-be.

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