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Although there are some steady costs associated with weddings that remain the same ( typically limited to venue fees, transport, outfit, etc.) all other cost tends to be directly associated with your guest count (décor, invites, catering, etc.) and so the more guest you have at your wedding the bigger your expenses.

The wedding has always been one of the ceremonies that people cherish most and it creates a lingering memory.

 In Nigeria wedding is largely seen as an expensive venture, from research one of the people’s motivation when it comes to wedding planning is to impress and show people they are well to do.

One of the determinants of an expensive budget is the number of guests, the number of guests determines the reception budget, few guests will eat less food, require smaller venue translating to a significantly lower reception budget and a smaller wedding cost, every guest attending your wedding require additional budget.

There are various elements of a wedding that contribute to a wedding budget, we have a venue, food, decoration, rentals, etc but out of all these things most are entirely contingent on the guests, that is 80% of the wedding costs bring determined and impacted by the number of guests, your number of guests matters most when it comes to what you spend for your wedding.

 NUMBER OF GUESTS DETERMINES THE VENUE YOU GET, some venues will only fit 200 guests, while some will fit 500 guests, and there is a big difference in price between the two venues. Event venues and halls are charged by size, some by square meters, the bigger the hall the higher the cost. A hall that will take 1000 guests could cost #1.5million, while a hall that will take 250 guests could go for #150,000 prices depend on the area, logically you have saved about #750,000.

YOUR NUMBER OF GUESTS ALSO AFFECTS THE DÉCOR, the more guests you have the more table and chair you get, the more centerpieces, charger plates, napkins, etc. /blog/

THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU WILL BE SPENDING ON CATERING IS 100% DEPENDENT ON THE NUMBER OF GUESTS YOU DECIDE TO INVITE, any Nigerian caterer will ask you for the number of guests you are inviting before giving you the cost estimate for your wedding reception party, since caterers usually charge by the head, if you are making food for 400 people it’s cheaper than making food for 1,000 people, more guests equal more mouths to feed and that’s more money to spend, so if you are looking to save a few Naira’s on the wedding cutting your guests list is the first thing you should do.

YOUR NUMBER OF GUESTS ALSO AFFECTS THE BAND, because the larger the hall the more you pay to bring speakers.

If you truly want to cut cost and make a great impression on your guests there should be no reason for having over 500 guests if you can afford to cater for 500 above it is fine but be sure they will all have fun, fewer guests would enjoy the event than a large number where the majority will be dissatisfied, so the rule is cut down your guests list and invite those that matter, those whose presence you want to enjoy should be the ones at your wedding./ /blog/

 If you want to stick to your wedding budget and not be in debt by the time you come back from your honeymoon, carefully plan your finances before you even start planning your wedding, one of the best ways to stick to a wedding budget is to hire a credible and professional event planner

 As an event Planning and Styling Company, we help reconcile the couple’s expectations with what the budget will cover.

Thank you for taking the time to read through we hope you find it helpful. Drop your view/questions on and on the comment section you can contact via any of our contacts for more guide about your big day


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