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A lot of brides thought theme creation has to do with a hashtag, I was asking a bride the theme she chose for her wedding only for her to tell me her theme is “Ayomini 2020”, I was amazed that we still have brides that do not know what a theme is.

Some even believe it has to do with the decoration ambiance. Well, the event decorator/stylist has been doing great work in that aspect.

  Theme creation in a layman language can be what you have passion for, what you love seeing, the images or objects that make you happy or inspires you and you want these things to be showcased at your wedding. For example, if the couples are lovers of music, music inspires them and makes them happy they can decide to have a musical theme for their wedding and when a professional planner incorporate this theme well, the couple will be happy seeing what they love around them on their big day, this will give those positive vibes throughout the event.

That little thing you love can be your wedding theme irrespective of what it is.

Weddings seem to have a language of their own and, though by the time you walk down the aisle, you’ll know your Bomboniere from your boutonnieres, the first terms you’ll need to get your head around are those relating to wedding themes. Here are some of the most popular wedding theme ideas explained.

Here are only few out of many:


A classic or traditional wedding is, often, quite a formal occasion which includes a sit-down three-course dinner at a reception.

Markers of such a wedding, typically, include the couple marrying in a church; the bride wearing a classically styled, usually princess ball gown-style wedding dress, in white, of course, as well as formal celebrations following the ceremony. The groom will wear a classic black tuxedo, and the groomsmen will generally wear a tuxedo also or a formal suit. The bridal party will usually consist of many members including flower girls, page boys, junior bridesmaids/groomsmen, ushers and ring bearers.

Formal celebrations that are prevalent in a classic or traditional wedding include professional wedding photos, the cutting of the cake, speeches, first dance, father-daughter, and mother-son dances, and the garter and bouquet toss. If the couple is married in a church there may be further religious or cultural traditions that are incorporated into the ceremony also. For example, in some cultures, once the ceremony has commenced the bridal party will wait in a receiving line at the alter so that every guest present can come past one by one and congratulate the bridal party.


Flowers are considered very auspicious. They make every moment beautiful. The fragrance and colors of the flowers add a WOW factor to every moment. Flowers fill up the atmosphere with pure magic. They play an important role in many events. Weddings are incomplete without the beauty of flowers. Be it floral décor, flowers are an important part. They beautifully enhance the look and feel of weddings. So, give your complete wedding the charm of flowers. Let everything from a wedding invitation to wedding décor justify floral wedding theme. A twist on the more traditional spray of roses, why not wire these pretty blooms to caress a mirror or frame. As well as perching flowers prettily on each tier of your cake, you could also dress your cake or cards table with further arrangements.

Invitations, decor and even your wedding dress – girls, have you thought about featuring floral beyond your bouquet


A contemporary and elegant wedding is another formal occasion, and while it has the foundations of a classic and traditional wedding, it has a contemporary twist. The contemporary twist can be modern design choices such as a non-traditional wedding dress or non-traditional wedding venue, as well as a modern take on invitations, styling, flowers, and decorations.

It is essentially a classic wedding with some elegant, yet trend-focused, styling choices, making the overall mood and theme a little more contemporary than it’s the traditional counterpart.

Contemporary and elegant weddings may include all of the formalities that are present at a traditional wedding, such as a sit-down dinner and speeches. A contemporary and elegant wedding usually includes all the key players in the bridal party too, such as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls and page boys.


A vintage theme means that the styling for the wedding will be reminiscent of a bygone era. For example, most vintage style weddings refer to the Victoria era, as well as the ’20s or ’40s. This theme is expressed through the garments, hair, and makeup worn by the bridal party, as well as the venue styling, floral, and decoration choices.

A vintage wedding may or may not include a sit-down dinner, however, a cocktail wedding is usually more applicable to a vintage theme as cocktail parties were all the rage in the roaring ’20s. Jazz music, vintage photo booths, vintage wedding cars, and even a vintage-style venue are all popular ways to enhance the vintage theme.

While a vintage wedding can be a formal occasion, it may not include all the traditional formalities or members of the bridal party.


A vineyard wedding is usually a visual celebration of the beautiful, natural surroundings. The wedding ceremony might be held outdoors or indoors, and often the styling elements will reflect the surrounding landscape. A vineyard wedding usually mixes well with rustic elements and styling choices.

A vineyard wedding may have a focus on food, wine, and local produce and therefore will usually be a sit-down dinner. A vineyard wedding may be as formal or as informal as the couple wants, and key players in the bridal party are usually present.


A rustic wedding theme or style is a styling theme that is inspired by the simplicity of country life and references the outdoors.

Rustic can mean a few things, but we prefer to streamline it with a simple farm-to-table baseline. Natural textures like wood and stone, organic paper products, and fresh food are the staples of this theme.

Rustic weddings are usually and tend to work best, in venues such as barns, sheds, vineyards, and outdoors under a marquee or tree, and the reception will usually consist of a sit-down dinner. Some rustic weddings may have the ceremony and reception at the same location, or on the same property.

Some formalities may be present, however, a rustic wedding is typically quite relaxed and laid back, as opposed to being very formal. Couples may choose to have many bridal party members, just a few or even none.


A beach wedding is typically a relaxed occasion, and often guests aren’t required to wear clothing that is too formal. Most beach weddings will include a ceremony on the beach and a reception to follow at a nearby venue.

The couple may opt to take a relaxed approach to their wedding attire, and some brides will even wear sandals or no shoes at all. A beach wedding may consist of a small or large bridal party, and some couples even choose to have an intimate beach ceremony with just a handful of close friends and family.

A beach wedding maybe a cocktail or sit-down and may include as many or as little formalities as the couple chooses.


The term DIY means ‘do it yourself’, so a DIY wedding is essentially a wedding in which the couple has hand made many of the decorations, styling elements.

 A DIY wedding is typically a smart casual occasion and may consist of a sit-down dinner or embrace a cocktail party style approach.

DIY weddings are a great way to keep costs down for couples who are budget conscious, and some DIY brides may even make their bouquet, dress, and even do their hair or make-up. 

A DIY wedding may or may not include formalities, and the couple may choose as many or as few members of the bridal party as they desire.

A lot of time and effort goes into DIY weddings and you can see the personalization in every detail. Whether it’s a hand-sewn pennant flag banner, a dessert bar carefully curated by many bakery visits, or handwritten escort cards, the couple’s style shines through.


A romantic style wedding generally has a relaxed yet elegant vibe. This is often conveyed through the styling choices of the bride and her maids, as well as venue choice and location, decorations, and style of ceremony.

Romantic weddings are all about celebrating romance with barely-there colors, soft lighting, and ethereal details like flowing dresses with airy fabrics.


A modern wedding is all about exquisite simplicity. City dwellers, urbanites, and design lovers gravitate toward this wedding style, which skews formal but has enough playful touches to keep it from feeling stuffy.

What it looks like: Expect a mix-and-match of patterns in a playful, but incredibly sophisticated, fashion, anchored by a streamlined color scheme. The theme is reflected in every detail from the thoughtfully chosen table linens to the specialty cocktail. A modern monogram or cool logo may be used to personalize the menus and the dance floor, while the cake will be simple but extra delicious.


A wedding that takes place in a garden or outdoors is generally a relaxed affair, however, they can range from requiring a smart-casual to a formal dress code.

Some couples choose to continue the celebrations outdoors and create a festival-inspired setting with the inclusion of food trucks and outdoor games, whereas other couples may choose to move the wedding to an indoor reception for a formal sit-down dinner and evening of formalities.


Glamorous and luxurious weddings tend to be traditional weddings which are extravagantly decorated. Glamorous and luxurious weddings tend to be black-tie occasions, and are often held at a church and reception venue. They are also very similar to contemporary weddings, however, a glamorous wedding may be a more luxurious affair.

A glamorous and luxurious wedding may include styling elements that involve sparkle, metallic colors such as gold, silver, rose gold and copper, and stand out features like lush flower walls, opulent centerpieces, and elegant invitations, styling, and decor.

Glamorous weddings may have an element of regal or Hollywood glamour, and the bride may wear a gown that features lace or intricate embellishment, with a well-styled bridal party to match.

Glamorous weddings are sit-down occasions and they generally include all the formalities that a classic and traditional wedding has.


Fantasy-themed weddings are, undoubtedly, the ultimate in wedding themes, and can be as creative and elaborate as the couple wish. Fantasy themes can be anything from steampunk to sci-fi, and a themed wedding theme usually involves costumes, decorations, and a suitable venue that pays homage to the fantasy theme.

A themed wedding may or may not include traditional bridal party members and formalities, and may consist of a sit-down dinner or take a cocktail wedding approach.

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